Connecticut Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon is happy that World Wrestling Entertainment has toned down its often-risque tone, but she supports her company's First Amendment rights in the face of criticism from women's groups.

Speaking to ABC's Christiane Amanpour, McMahon wouldn't condemn an act where her husband ordered a woman to "bark like a dog."

Asked if, as a senator, she would campaign against that sort of portrayal of women, McMahon responded, "I do believe in the First Amendment rights."

"So you don't think there's anything wrong with it," asserted Amanpour.

"Well, content providers are clearly creating scenarios from an entertainment point of view. I think you either elect to go to a movie or elect to watch a program so I'm a strong proponent of First Amendment rights. At the same time at WWE, women really are powerful women, and the programming content as I said has changed from TV-14 to TV-PG. It's -- I much prefer it today," said McMahon.

This video is from ABC's This Week., broadcast Oct. 10, 2010.

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