The Republican candidate for Delaware's Senate seat compared a comedian and talk show host to "terrorists overseas" during an interview with ABC News.

Speaking with Jonathan Karl, Christine O'Donnell for the first time commented on Bill Maher's decision to air clips of her appearances on "Politically Incorrect" from the 1990's.

Maher has stated that he will air clips of O'Donnell every week until she appears on his program.

"You know it's funny because originally when his show reached out to me I said I'd love to see what I can do to get it in my schedule, until he made this threat," said O’Donnell.

"Whether it’s with terrorists overseas as a senator sitting in the foreign policy or guest on a talk show, I won’t give in to threats," she continued.

In September, Maher released a clip of O'Donnell from 1999 in which she said she "dabbled in witchcraft."

"I dabbled in witchcraft. I never joined a coven," she said in the clip. " ... I hung around people who were doing these things. I'm not making this stuff up. I know what they told me they do."

Weeks later, O'Donnell released a 30-second television ad assuring Delaware voters she was not a witch.

"He did a disservice," she told Karl. "Bill Maher did a disservice."

Maher says he has more clips of O'Donnell and will continue to air them.

"I'm just saying, Christine, it's like a hostage crisis," he said. "Every week you don't show up, I'm going to throw another body out."

"Democrats should be very happy that people like Christine O'Donnell are winning [primary] elections, because in the general election -- of course the Democrats are going to lose some seats, probably a lot, but not as many as they would have if the teabaggers weren't winning the primary," Maher told CNN's Larry King in September.

O'Donnell says she has no doubt she will win the general election. She is, however, trailing in the polls.