I've been fascinated by the It Gets Better Project. It's such a simple concept, really, but it's so profoundly important. I think it's gotten a lot of widespread attention not just because gay rights and the rights of young people have been such an issue lately---though that does have a lot to do with it---but also because it reminds us, in the most honest of ways, of the small triumphs over adversity that everyday people achieve every day. For adults of all stripes that survived youthful bullying to thrive as adults, the narrative of the school scapegoat made good is both a romantic myth of our culture and an established reality.

One thing the It Gets Better Project hasn't addressed too much is what is often the most delicious aspect of this very common story: the revenge of living well aspect. A few of the videos have made a point of noting the pleasure of the bullied discovering, in adulthood, that the bullies learned that they're not so special the hard way, but it's been a muted theme in midst of what was mostly a bunch of upbeat stuff. But hey, a little hope that the fuckers will get theirs is part of the package that keeps many a bullied child looking forward. Which is why I loved (hat tip) this video:

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Hey, not every bullied kid will enjoy thinking about how great it's going to be to go live exactly how they want while the bullies often get ground down by the very uptight social standards they enforced with violence on gay kids, nerdy kids, and girls whose sexuality seemed a tad hard to control. Not every kid will smile thinking about how their tormentors will one day strap on their fanny packs, pull some sandals over their socks, and go pay $500 to see Sarah Palin---who makes them feel that at least someone in their little tribe still has a flicker of a libido left---speak about how she wants to take the country back from those kids you used to beat up in high school, but now who wear nice suits, still gaze with love (and even lust!) occasionally at their life partners and have regular bowel movements from their pussy high fiber diets. Some bullied kids are too sweet for that.

But some of us are catty bitches, and I thank the maker of this video for that. Just remember, kids. Facebook is probably here to stay. So as you take your revenge by living well, you'll have a steady stream of evidence in your news feed to mark your progress as you leave those fuckheads behind.