Bad news this morning: According to FiveThirtyEight, Sharron Angle is pulling ahead in Nevada. Her strategy of blanketing the state with overtly racist ads is apparently working. Here's the Young Turks talking about the ads:

[youtube expand=1]

A description of a particularly egregious one:

Sharron Angle’s latest attack against Senate opponent Harry Reid features a group of white graduates celebrating and posing for pictures, presumably leaving high school for higher education.

That image is followed by a photo of three scowling Hispanic men, whom the ad suggests are trying to seize preferred college tuition rates from the students. A banner proclaiming the men “illegal aliens” accompanies the photo.

The ad copy basically accuses Reid of taking money from the cute white kids and giving it to the scowling Hispanic men, so they can go to college and presumably scowl at your adorable grandchildren there, too. She's now released a "board game" ad that also reinforces the message that voting for Sharron Angle is a way to express your displeasure at the existence of Hispanic immigrants.

I wish I could be surprised this is working in Nevada, but I'm not. The state has become something of a beacon for retirees, a population that's more conservative on average than the general population, and more likely to fall for race-baiting tactics. There are just a lot of people who don't care that you're nuts, as long as you hate the same people they do. And that's showing up in the polls in Nevada.

The good news, what little there is, is that it's only putting her 4 points up. I despair that slightly more than half the population is like, "Is she racist? That's enough for me!", but that's actually a lower percentage than you probably had in the past. The bad news is that Nevada is 56% white non-Hispanic, which means that you still have most white people voting for racism. Like, way way way more white people are eager pro-racism voters than anti-racism voters. What's frustrating especially is that the bigot vote is basically just a matter of self-expression. Even if a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment puts Angle into office, it's not like it's going to matter much in terms of the policies the bigot voters want. Republicans aren't going to do anything to actually get rid of the Mexican immigrants that the voters hate so much. They'll probably just keep making it hard for immigrants to achieve citizenship or get fair wages for their work.