NEW YORK — One and a half million copies of George W. Bush's memoir hit the shelves next month, along with an e-book version containing a video message from the former president and his home movies, Crown publishers said Friday.

"Decision Points" goes on sale in the United States and Canada on November 9, a week after mid-term congressional elections are predicted to see heavy gains for Bush's Republican Party.

The huge print run is equivalent to that for former Democratic president Bill Clinton's book, "My Life," which was a runaway hit.

Bush left office in 2009 with rock bottom popularity due to the US economic crisis and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But Crown, part of Random House, said in a statement that Bush's book, priced at 35 dollars, would be "news-making" and would "bring history alive for readers."

Innovations include an interactive e-book with the president's most memorable speeches, a video introduction by Bush, "intimate Bush family movies" and hand-written letters from his correspondence collection.

"'Decision Points' is a nontraditional presidential memoir that renders in vivid detail the circumstances in which President Bush made some of the most historically defining decisions of our era," Tina Constable, senior vice president at Crown, said.

A cloth-bound, signed version of the print book will go on sale for 350 dollars on November 30.