Stephen Colbert stormed off The View Tuesday in a mock response to view co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar doing the same thing to Bill O'Reilly.

Declaring, "I am leaving right now. Forget it!" Colbert said as he trudged off the set in the middle of a segment. He then returned, saying, "I would like to apologize. That was rude of me."

"Like a bear, [Bill O'Reilly] is huge and could tear your head off," Colbert remarked. "Bill's talking about emotion. Bill was not talking about what the facts were, Bill was talking about what felt right. And it feels wrong. That's what my rally's about."

O'Reilly's walk off was summarized by the liberal blog, Jack and Jill Politics, who asked whether Goldberg and Behar's decision to walk off was justified:

On the one hand, Barbara Walters is right: adults who are professionals should be able to have a grownup discussion about the hot topics of the day. And it’s clear if you watch the rest of the segment that Bill O’Reilly was goading both Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar to push their buttons, setting the stage for a blowup that will no doubt be beneficial to O’Reilly’s languishing cred and flat ratings.

He’s gotta do something to keep up with Glenn Beck, right?

On the other hand, what Racist O’Reilly said was beyond the pale and I’m glad that Walters, with help from Behar and Goldberg, was able to bring him to heel. He repeated over and over again that “Muslims killed us on 9/11″ — a bigoted view that has no place in modern American discourse. This pervasive fear-fueled ignorant bigotry that sadly too many people share is causing widespread discrimination against American Muslims. The Restore Fairness campaign has just released a video “Face The Truth: Racial Profiling Across America”, produced by Breakthrough’s and the Rights Working Group, showcasing the devastating impact of racial profiling on communities around our country, including the African American, Latino, Arab, Muslim and South Asian communities.

Video of Behar and Goldberg's walk off follows.

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