Jon Stewart opened his second show in Washington DC this week by ridiculing the city and one of its longest serving politicians.

John McCain has been part of the Washington system since 1982. And since at least 1989, he has been claiming that the system he's a part of is broken.

Comedy Central's The Daily Show uncovered two decades of clips of McCain claiming it was time to fix Washington.

"It's not just The Daily Show correspondents that know something is wrong with the system," announced Stewart. "It's also those who wish to enter the system or hang on to it for dear life."

As someone who's been a Washington fixture, McCain was shown in clips through the years saying it was time to fix the system. From 1989 though 2009, McCain seemed to be saying the same thing.

"When viewed collectively, not only does one think that McCain needs to hire a new speechwriter, but that he’s been remarkably ineffective in fixing the very system in which he’s thrived. It almost seems as though if he’s not really interested in fixing it at all (or maybe “the fix” is in,)" wrote Mediaite's Colby Hall.

This video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast Oct. 26, 2010.