Ventura blasts Palin for being 'a quitter'

Jesse Ventura is nothing if not a straight shooter.

And the former Minnesota governor was true to form Saturday when he told Fox Business Network's Tom Sullivan that the Tea Party movement is just a wing of the Republican Party.

Sullivan tried to equate the Tea Party and Sarah Palin to Ventura's independent style.

"Isn't that where we are today?" asked Sullivan. "People are interested in this growing independent group and the Tea Party is kind of part of it. Sarah Palin is kind of part of bucking the system."

"I don't really believe that," answered Ventura. "I think the Tea Party is orchestrated out of the Republican Party. Dick Armey down in Texas. They're the money people."

There may be something to Ventura's claim. The New York Times found that all of the 138 Tea Party candidates running in House and Senate races were Republicans.

Ventura: Sarah Pailn is 'a quitter'

"Any party that would put Sarah Palin at the top, I would never support because she's a quitter," he said.

"I can't believe mainstream media allowed her to quit and let her off the hook," Ventura continued.

"That was a contract you have between you and the voters. You tell them you want the job. The voters entrust you with their vote. [It's] no different than joining the military. You can't all of the sudden two years in the military say, 'You know what? There's money waiting for me on the greener pastures. I'm going to quit and go collect my money.'"

"And that's what she did. Can you imagine, Tom, if I would have did that as an independent? I wouldn't even be on your show right now," said Ventura. "They gave her a pass."

Last week Ventura told ABC's George Stephanopoulos that he no longer supports a third-party movement.

Ventura added, "I no longer support the third party movement."

"Why not?" the ABC interviewer asked.

Ventura elaborated, "I believe the system is so corrupt, the two parties have corrupted it so bad, that any thirty party, in which to be successful, will likewise have to corrupt itself. If you already have a two-headed monster, why would you need three?"

The answer is "to abolish parties," Ventura added. "Do not put a name of a party below the person's name on the ballot. It's too easy to say, I'm a Republican. And you walk in: Republican, Republican, Republican. You're voting the party, not the person. And that's the way it's all set up."

He went as far as to say that he would only support Linda McMahon, his former pro-wrestling boss, if she ran as an independent. "I don't vote for Democrats or Republicans. If she ran as an independent, she could possibly get my endorsement. But I refuse."

A recent article in The Hill explained, "A majority of likely voters think a viable third party would be good for American politics, according to a new poll of likely voters in 10 key open House districts."

Ventura has been on a media tour to promote the return of his TruTV series Conspiracy Theory. The show is known for tackling tough subject material like an alleged conspiracy behind the 9/11 attacks.

This season they will look at the JFK assassination, Area 51 and a possible plot to kidnap the nation's water supply.

This video is from Fox Business Network's Tom Sullivan Show, broadcast Oct. 16, 2010.

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