Same-sex marriages are not legal in most US states, so some gay couples are finding creative ways to tie the knot.

Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, announced Thursday that he had witnessed a gay couple get married on a redeye flight from San Francisco to New York as it briefly crossed into Canadian airpace.

"There was a wedding on my @VirginAmerica flight to New York! The captain flew briefly over Canadian airspace so two gentleman could marry," Mullenweg tweeted.

Ryan McManus, another passenger on the flight, also confirmed that a couple had been married.

A Virgin America representative, contacted by CBS News, could not confirm that a wedding had taken place but also did not rule it out.

The crew has been on rest (it was a red eye flight), but I did briefly get a hold of the pilot for the flight - and there was no "diversion" - this was part of the normal flight path. He actually was unaware of the reported celebration in the cabin (so reports that a pilot performed it are definitely not correct). That flight's normal flight path (VX 28 SFO-JFK) does cross the Canadian border for a few minutes. I have not had reports from anyone else onboard however, so other than that I cannot confirm anything.

That said I would not rule it out, as we've actually had a wedding onboard before. Sir Richard was ordained as a minister and married a couple on a Vegas flight in 2007.

It's not the first time a same-sex couple has found a loophole in the marriage laws. Earlier this month, Thomas Mark Reed and Dante Karl used Skype to get married. The "digital gay wedding" took place with the couple in Dallas, Texas and was officiated by Sheila Alexander-Reid in Washington, DC.

"It’s like the more equal we can get through creative ways, we’re going to do it. It’s just important to do anything we can to find creative ways around inequality," Reed said.

This video of the Dallas wedding was uploaded to YouTube Nov. 9, 2010.