This rant by John McCain about the DADT repeal is something else:

Direct quote:

And you know, we'll repeal it. And all over America, they'll be gold stars put up in windows in the rural towns and communities all over America that don't partake in the elite schools that bar military recruiters from campus, that don't partake in the salons of Georgetown and the other liberal bastions here and around the country.

Seventy-seven percent of Americans support gays serving openly in the military. Thus, we are forced to assume that McCain thinks 77% of Americans follow the path from an Ivy League school into a Georgetown cocktail party. Which really calls into question this term "elite". If three quarters of Americans are going to Harvard, is that really an "elite" education?

He also claims that the people that will be celebrating this didn't serve in the military or even know someone who did/does. Which is funny, because that creates an interesting paradox. If the only people who support repeal have no experience with the military, then why is there a law banning openly gay service members? By definition, those people are interested in repeal, but in McCain's formula, they don't even exist. Why ban something that doesn't happen? Granted, he used the term "most", but seriously, he's trying to create a dichotomy between Real Americans With Patriotic Family Values Who Only Have Missionary Heterosex In The Dark Before Praying and Perverted Liberals Who Eat Bon Bons And Screw Each Other In The Ass For Fun On Big Piles Of Money. And I'm going to say there's a lot more overlap there than you'd think.

But what's really fascinating about this rant is how it's total capitulation to the principle that anything that pisses off liberals is good. Indeed, I'm thinking about 99% of what being a conservative is about right now is a combination of insecure masculinity issues and punishing liberals for thinking they're so smart. So much so that huge chunks of this country basically waste time and money or hurt themselves doing things that liberals don't actually care about in order to piss us off (voting for Bristol Palin on "Dancing With The Stars" comes to mind, as does slurping down tons of fatty food that will eventually kill you to prove a point to people who actually wouldn't know the difference if you switched to whole grains). If you take this garbled rant from McCain and rebuild what he's trying to say, it seems that his point is that gay service members should be deprived of their rights, because it will piss off liberals. And pissing off liberals is important, because they drink better cocktails than you do, and they all went to Harvard, and so a little being pissed off evens the score somehow.

For the record, I don't think I even met anyone who went to Harvard until I was like at least 25. I have still never been to a Georgetown cocktail party, though I have been to many tailgate parties. I also sign off on what Scott said here:

What a bullet this country dodged in 2008. Frankly, I’m not sure he was even the best candidate on his party’s ticket at this point…