As you're likely aware from the heroic battlefield missives issuing forth daily, Republicans are taking a stand against basically everything until they get their way on the budget and tax cuts.

They are, predictably, in a stage of revolution-like revolt over the omnibus spending bill, which has the following terrifying problem:

Republicans poring over a 1,924-page overarching spending bill proposed by Democrats to cover the rest of the fiscal year are threatening to grind the legislation to a halt, citing massive earmark spending, which, if passed, would be enacted into law without debate in the full Senate.

MASSIVE spending with NO DEBATE in a FULL Senate. (It's the last adjective that's the most fearsome of all.) However, just how massive is this pork package? And is the pre or post-Extenze?

The $1.2 trillion bill, released on Tuesday, includes more than 6,000 earmarks totaling $8 billion, an amount that many lawmakers decried as an irresponsible binge following a midterm election in which many voters demanded that the government cut spending.

In case you don't have your mathboxes handy, we're going to hold up funding the government (and extending unemployment insurance and enacting the START Treaty and ending discrimination against gays and lesbians in the miltary and...) because of grave philosophical reservations to .7% of the federal budget. Add in the $5.6 billion for unemployment benefits, and we're now seeing a threatened shutdown of the American government for 1.2% of the budget.

This isn't just petulant, it's pretty much nonsensical. We now have Claire McCaskill joining ranks with Republicans in order, presumably, to show that she got the message of the 2010 election cycle: Americans want their elected representatives to waste their time fighting over the most meaningless shit imaginable, and then completely refusing to do their jobs unless largely meaningless steps are taken to confront problems that don't need to be dealt with.

UPDATE: Whiskey Fire lists some of the worst parts of this earmark spending, such as money to keep our food supply safe. I want viruses to ravage our grapes, goddammit, and I don't want any socialists keeping me knee deep in jam and wine.