Jezebel has a must-read post up about Julian Assange’s on-the-record writings about sex and women.  This obviously doesn’t prove that he’s a rapist, but I think that anyone arguing in good faith will have to admit that this proves he’s a giant pig when it comes to women.  Some samples:

One of the devout was the lovely daughter of a New Castle minister. At some point in my unintended wooing of her, she looked up, fluttered her eyelids and said ‘Oh, you know so much! I hardly know anything!’. ‘That is why you believe in God,” I explained. This conversational brutality took her breath away and she swooned. I was exactly what she secretly longed for; a man willing to openly disagree with her father. All along she had needed a man to devote herself to. All along she had failed to find a man worthy of being called a man, failed to find a man who would not bow to gods, so she had chosen a god unworthy of being called a god, but who would not bow to a man.

And he has fantasies of manipulating women that would embarrass most so-called pick-up artists:

But then, just when one might suspect that men are krill to the baleen of female romantic manipulation, I found myself loving a girl who was a coffee addict. I would make a watery paste of finely ground coffee and surreptitiously smear this around my neck and shoulders before seducing her so she would associate my body with her dopaminergic cravings.

And is fond of pseudo-scientific bullshit that is a circuitous way of saying that he thinks women are stupid:

Mathematics is a systemization of communicable human thought created by brain architectures that have male-type spacial abilities and extremised by the extremes within that group. Extreme female brain architectures would create a different sort of mathematics. It won’t be created by the females currently in mathematics because they need a male type brain to thrive in the existing mathematical world.

Perhaps a good cognitive neuroscientist will do it for them.

So, regardless of Assange’s guilt or innocence, I’m forced to point out that people who insisted that they don’t actually have to grow up and realize that individuals who do great things can also have evil in them will have to reconsider.  There isn’t proof yet of Assange’s guilt or innocence with regards to rape.  But he is definitely not a good person when it comes to heterosexual relations.

Also, I will point out that as an atheist, I don’t think that Assange’s nastiness here in any way discredits atheist arguments.  That’s how I roll---nuance.  Therefore none of this means that Wikileaks is a bad idea.