Sweden's chief prosecutor Tomas Lindstrand said Monday investigators were almost certain the man who blew himself up in Stockholm at the weekend was Taymour Abdel Wahab.

When asked if the man who died Saturday in the Swedish capital was Wahab, as revealed by Islamist website Shumukh al-Islam, the prosecutor said "yes."

"We have identified the man who blew himself up, to 98 percent," Lindstrand told reporters.

The man could not yet be named with certainty because DNA tests had not been performed and the family had not identified the body.

The prosecutor said the man was born in 1981 in the Middle East and became a Swedish citizen in 1992. He was not previously known to Swedish intelligence.

He wife and three children live in Britain, Lindstrand said.

The prosecutor described Saturday's failed attacks as "very well planned" expect for the fact the bomb went off too early.

The suspect, who was wearing a belt with explosives, carried out the attack alone but investigators "have to assume he worked with several people," Lindstrand told AFP.

"According to our experience, there are usually many people involved in such situations," he said.