A young female protester at Cairo's Tahrir Square told filmmakers that the widespread rallies against President Mubarak show the Egyptian people "can take this country forward."

The interview was part of the upcoming documentary "Zero Silence" by filmmakers Jonny von Wallström and Alexandra Sandels. The documentary is about the youth movement in the Middle East and their opposition to authoritarian regimes.

"We don't want the regime," the unnamed young woman said. "We want either a constitutional amendment or something that says that the next president of Egypt will be chosen by the people. We want to chose our president because we want to take this country into the future."

"We are going to keep demonstrating peacefully," she continued. "Even if we get attacked by the police forces, we are peaceful and we are going to continue protesting peacefully until our demands are met."

"The Egyptian youth are protecting their own homes, they are coming together and they are uniting. Everybody is coming together to protect their areas. We don't need the thugs of the police force to protect our own homes."

Documents from the US State Department, released by secrets outlet WikiLeaks, showed that Egyptian police regularly abused and tortured suspects.

Police were also caught trying to loot priceless artifacts from the museum in Cairo and commit other acts of violence "in an attempt to stoke fear of instability," a rights group claimed Tuesday.

Looking determinedly into the camera, the young woman insisted that Egypt's blanket shut down of Internet and mobile phones "had an opposite effect" than what was intended.

"Even though they shut down the Internet, this is not just a Facebook revolution or Internet revolution," she said.

"As you have seen, there are hundreds of thousands of people in the streets even though the phone lines were shut off on Friday. People still came out and demonstrated because this is not about the Internet. This is about the needs and demands of the Egyptian people."

This video is from the upcoming film "Zero Silence," filmed Jan. 31, 2011 in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

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