This was a live blog of events around the nation related to the workers' rights demonstrations. It ended at 9 pm EST. Look for Raw Story's photo feature on today's protests, coming Monday morning.

Most recent updates appear at top.


8:58 EST: Juneau, Alaksa didn't let the cold get them down. But the real question might be, can they still see Russia from there? (Image from Dan Kantak.)

8:45 EST: In one of the most amazing videos you'll see this year, a member of Wisconsin's police union gives a speech to protesters inside the statehouse. “Mr. Walker, if you’re listening: We know pretty well know who you work for. Now let me tell you who we work for,” he said, eliciting a round of cheers from the crowd. Watch.

8:32 EST: Another look at today's rally in New York City, courtesy of one William Brown.

8:28 EST: The mayor of Lansing, Michigan gave one hell of a speech today. Watch. (Photos here, from the Rochester Citizen.)

8:13 EST: The 'Anonymous News Network' brings us a video view of action at the Indiana statehouse.

8:04 EST: Another couple looks at Denver's solidarity rally, from Twitter user @RadicalRonRand.

7:57 EST: Phoenix, Arizona! Looks like big numbers -- and great pictures too ( from Pat Kofahl).

7:47 EST: A Denver thumbs-up for the freedom to organize, courtesy of Kathy Markle.

7:41 EST: This. Is. ALBANY! (courtesy of Twitter user @_1134)

7:33 EST: Although you can't see his face, the man speaking is Bradley Whitford, an actor from The West Wing. He made an appearance in Madison, Wisconsin today, and Raw reader Jerry Gibbs brings us this shot.

7:25 EST: San Francisco, ever a natural ally to those friendly to progress. A shot from Stephen Pawley.

7:20 EST: Where's the apathy in Tallahassee? Nowhere, apparently! (From Jeanette Castillo -- more here.)

7:15 EST: Sacramento, California with the big showing! Two quick glimpses from Raw reader Robin Kozloff.

7:06 EST: Over a thousand turned out in San Diego, we're hearing. "Hundreds" more in Albany, New York.

7:03 EST: Salt Lake City, Utah -- surely even Joseph Smith loved the working man! (Courtesy of Ryan Kowalchik.)

6:40 EST: Meanwhile, in Austin, Texas ... (photos by Stephen C. Webster)

6:30 EST: Here we are in Augusta, Maine, where people work hard too.

6:20 EST: Jackson, Mississippi -- also not having it. Via Landon Wilson.

6:09 EST: Where's my teachers' union at? Why, Johnson City, Tennessee, of course! Watch here.

5:57 EST: Santa Fe, New Mexico's turnout of "several thousand" by one reader's estimation -- and a PA system that wasn't strong enough to be heard all the way in the back! These are from Alf Abeyta.

5:50 EST: Denver, Colorado turns out for workers -- image courtesy of "McWaters".

5:43 EST: Still scant mention of nation-wide demonstrations in mainstream media. CNN running another Charlie Sheen story.

5:42 EST: Salem, Oregon now too, and they're not happy. (Via 'Derrick'.)

5:33 EST: The situation in Springfield, Illinois, via Wayne Sedgwick.

5:27 EST: Green Bay, Wisconsin gives a frosty reception to Walker's anti-union agenda. Photographer's credit in-image.

5:22 EST: Video from the "Save the American Dream Rally" in Chicago, Illinois.

5:12 EST: Two images from Vermont's capitol, Montpelier, courtesy of one Lance Mills.

5:05 EST: Next up, Ashville, North Carolina -- courtesy of Douglas Ross.

5:01 EST: Boston, Massachusetts isn't taking this sitting down. That's a lot of people! Photo by Rick Tudor.

4:57 EST: This is what democracy looks-- er, reads like: an on-the-ground report from Wisconsin.

4:56 EST: Raw video from workers' solidarity rally in New York City is up: watch it here.

4:53 EST: A reader sends us this image from Boise, Idaho.

4:35 EST: Minimal coverage from mainstream networks on today's events. CNN actually reporting on tea party's second anniversary at the moment.

4:33 EST: Hundreds out in Washington, DC. From readers Jeff Bloom and Josh Williams:

4:25 EST: Solidarity. (Keep sending us your media!)

4:22 EST: Out in Austin, Texas, they're not happy about cuts to Planned Parenthood, as evidenced by this Raw Story-exclusive video. Photos from the protests coming next.

4:52 EST: Live from the epicenter, here's a live video stream from inside the statehouse in Madison, Wisconsin.

4:42 EST: Gary Krug of Spokane, Washington says about 100 people showed up to support Wisconsin workers. Two of his better images:

4:29 EST: Raw Story reader Robert R. Clark estimates "about 1,000" people turned out at the Connecticut statehouse.

2:56 EST: If you've never seen Henry Fonda do Tom Joad's monologue in The Grapes of Wrath, today is a good day to check it out.

2:54 EST: Reader Robert reports, "I just returned from a spirited rally in support of Wisconsin (and other state) public worker unions at the Connecticut State House.  My estimate is 1000 people attended.  There was a counter rally of about 6 people."

2:52 EST: Sen. Al Franken says Walker is out to "union bust."

2:46 EST: 1000 people gathered in Harrisburg, PA today for a "We Are Wisconsin" rally.

2:30 EST: Hollywood joins the rally in Madison:

Bradley Whitford ("The West Wing"), SAG national board member Gabrielle Carteris ("The Event") and AFTRA national board member Robert Newman ("Guiding Light") are speaking in support of Wisconsin public-sector workers at a large rally in Madison.

2:28 EST: Check out these photos from the rally in Tallahassee earlier today.

2:23 EST: Raw Reader Jacqueline sent this in,  "from the Maine UNCUT Bank of America Protest Today":

2:20 EST: From protests earlier today in New York, from @MirezNY

2:15 EST: @tcita tweets: Off duty bus driver picked up all us stray protestors on way to Capitol. Said he was repaying our kindness #wiunion

2:09 EST: Forbes says Walker is lying.

2:03 EST: Raw reader Kate sent this photo in. "These guys were mocking the few tea partiers who showed up and seemed to have a great audience...."

2:01 EST: We've seen ZERO coverage on CNN in the last hour.

2:00 EST: We're seeing several reports that Madison police have joined the protesters after being asked to disperse the crowd.

1:59 EST: Local news reporting 35K in Madison today.

1:48 EST: Crowd of 3500 reported in St. Paul.

1:44 EST: Scott Walker booed, asked to leave at local Wisconsin restaurant.

!:41 EST: Several users on Twitter note that Wisconsin capital is at capacity.

1:35 EST: Folks in DC march in solidarity with Wisconsin union workers. Picture below via @haleyvandyck:

1:19 EST: Citizens gather in downtown Seattle, courtesy of Howie in Seattle:

1:12 pm EST: 1000 protesters reported in St. Paul.

12:59 pm EST: The situation in St. Paul, courtesy of Twitter user @nledit.

12:47 pm EST: Here's a map of the workers' solidarity rallies being put on by US Uncut and Uncut also calls for people to gather at their local banks. Groups likely out there participating today, but not noted or otherwise publicly organized.

12:45 pm EST: Police estimate over 3,000 have turned out to a rally in New York City.

12:43 pm EST: Last week's protest in Wisconsin drew over 70,000. This week, organizers are shooting for more -- and the rally's just begun.


With additional material by Roxanne Cooper.