Rush Limbaugh has joined the anti-contraception campaign by bashing Planned Parenthood at length, further mainstreaming it:

Once again, I don't enjoy being a Cassandra, but I have to point out that for years I and many others have been saying that the anti-contraception faction had taken over the anti-abortion movement, and now is eating up the conservative movement generally. It makes sense---anti-abortion sentiment is rooted in hatred of female sexuality, so anti-contraception sentiment is the next logical step---and it was just a matter of conservatives feeling emboldened enough to come out of the closet. Yes, most of the people bashing contraception use it. It's the same story as with "get your government hands of my Medicare!". At the end of the day, they just make exceptions for themselves, because they believe they deserve it.

But if you want to push back and you're in New York, come on out to the Rally for Women's Health tomorrow from 1-3PM. I've got my sign-making supplies on hand, and am making some cookies for the feminist warriors who are plotting and making our signage tonight. Tomorrow, around 2PM, I'm scheduled to speak briefly at the rally, before Gloria Steinem comes up. So, that's really exciting.

More details here. If you come out, bring your camera and take pictures. More evidence of what happens on line is more pressure to put on our representatives to keep Planned Parenthood funded, so women of all ages and income levels have access to safe, professional reproductive health care.