Monique Smith, the 19-year-old Brooklyn woman accused of killing her little brother's hamster, is no longer facing prison time for her crime.

Smith's 9-year-old brother, Brandon Smith, called the ASPCA last June to report his sister after she allegedly squeezed the hamster, Sweetie, to death and then threw it across the street during a heated argument, according to Gothamist.

According to Monique, however, she was framed by her 25-year-old brother, who had earlier killed Princess Stephanie, Brandon's first hamster, and replaced it with three more, including the deceased Sweetie.

Now, after two days on Rikers Island, charges against Monique have been dropped. Her family's conflicting statements were not enough to hold her there. She did give a jailhouse interview worth reading to the New York Daily News, detailing her feelings about the whole ordeal.

"If I saw a hamster in this filthy place, I'd kill it," she said. "I didn't kill that hamster, but I'd kill one right now because that's what I'm in here for - a b------t rodent."