When Raw Story called out Stephen Colbert's Feb. 24 show for running a nearly subliminal image of the "V for Vendetta" face over the host's chiseled mug, we speculated that he'd perhaps joined the protest group.

"Believe me folks: the only way I'd be a member of something called 'Anonymous,' is if my name was 'Stephen Anonymous,'" he said during Monday night's broadcast, specifically in response to us.

Later in the segment, he jeered that the protest group could not hack what it could not catch. He used a green screen gag to make his head appear to float off his shoulders, revealing a question mark over his neck akin to the official "Anonymous" logo of a headless man in a black suit.

The segment ultimately leaves us feeling we were right -- that Colbert has indeed sided with the group, even if he's reticent to admit it. He's certainly helped them win the public relations battle, although their actions would seem to speak for themselves in many cases. Still, this would seem to make Colbert the first "non-anonymous 'Anonymous.'"

Or, perhaps just "non-anonanon" for short? Feel free to correct us, Mr. Colbert.

--Stephen C. Webster

This video is from Comedy Central's Colbert Report, broadcast Monday, Feb. 28, 2011.