The Texas congressman who warned the nation about the danger of "terror babies" hasn't given up on his theory.

Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert was widely mocked in August, when he told CNN's Anderson Cooper that terrorists would use the 14th Amendment to attack the country from within.

According to his theory, pregnant women would come to the U.S. to have babies that are born as American citizens. Then, as an adult, those "terror teenagers" would be able to return to the U.S. with American passports and stage attacks.

While Gohmert claimed that he had been told about the idea by a former FBI official, he admited to Cooper that he never actually called the FBI to confirm that it was an real threat.

In an Wednesday interview with the conservative American Family Association (AFA) Channel, Gohmert was clear that he had not let go of the idea.

"Somebody’s gotta get strong here, and say listen, no more 20-40 year olds from Saudi Arabia are allowed into America until you all get this cleaned up," AFA's Tim Wildmon noted.

"I’ve been beat up pretty badly over an issue of women coming into US, having babies here, and returning where they came from with an American citizen and an American passport for that child," Gohmert replied.

"But if people will do the homework, as I’ve been doing, they will find out that there are people who are known associates of groups we call terrorist groups whose wives have come and have children here and go back with American passports."

"I don’t use the term terrorist babies, that’s an oxymoron, but others have, or terror babies, I mean a baby is a gift from God, it’s not a terror," he added.

The Texas Republican also claimed that "the extreme leftists" had "thrown in" with terrorists.

"You know the great irony, the extreme leftist media that is throwing in with the radical jihadists, the great irony is, if the radical jihadists took over, the first people they kill are the extreme leftists that have thrown in with them right now," he said.

This video is from the AFA Channel, uploaded by Right Wing Watch on March 9, 2011.