Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) on Thursday excoriated Republicans for taking their cues from the tea party movement, which he deemed to be pushing "dangerous" spending cuts that will "create pain for our children" and "shame" America.

"Here in Congress, tea party activists have seized control of the Republican side of the aisle—and it is far from a tea party for lots of jobless people and those qualified to study in college but unable to pay the freight," Lautenberg said.

"Now that they are in power, we see they’re brewing Toxic Tea—a dangerous concoction that will create pain for our children and bring shame to our country.  We know that cutting critical programs now brings sky-high prices later—in more illnesses and a less-educated society. So we look at the future and we say we must invest in our children, our environment and medical research. But every time, they say: 'No.'"

The New Jersey Democrat tore into the slew of Republican spending cuts, which include deep cuts to education, medical research, and women's health services.

Watch 4 highlights from Launtenberg's floor speech, uploaded by his office:

Part 2

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