MEXICO CITY — Ten people were fatally shot when gunmen stormed into a nightclub and opened fire early Saturday in the Pacific coast resort of Acapulco, police said.

Four others were wounded in the early morning shooting in Acapulco, which has seen a wave of drug killings as gang violence has gripped Mexico.

The Ministry of Public Security of the state of Guerrero said all 10 nightclub victims were men aged between 25 and 45.

The gunmen fled and there was no report of arrests. The motive was not immediately known.

Acapulco, once a glamorous getaway for Hollywood celebrities, has been struggling to distance itself from a series of brutal killings by rival cartels.

On Tuesday, gunmen pursuing a rival killed six people, including two children, after opening fire on two family homes in Acapulco.

Earlier this month, authorities unearthed nine bodies in three areas near the beach town.

Nearly 35,000 people have been killed in Mexico's drug-related violence since the end of 2006 when President Felipe Calderon launched a military-led crackdown on the country's powerful drug cartels.

Creative commons image via flickr user trimmer741.