An Illinois gay and lesbian advocacy group called for the resignation of Schuyler County Sheriff Don Scheiferdecker Saturday after he jokingly commented on the picture of a co-worker on Facebook, calling him a "little fag Jew boy."

The Jacksonville Journal-Courier reported that the sheriff was new to Facebook and did not know the comment could be seen by others. By Saturday, his Facebook profile had been deleted.

Schieferdecker commented on a co-worker's picture of a young boy with his mouth open. The original poster wrote, "Look, I found a fag" to which Schieferdecker responded, "Yup and his mouth is open, his glasses are off, he's ready, little fag Jew boy."

His comment first was discovered by the Crime Crawler blog.

The Civil Rights Agenda is calling for Scheiferdecker to resign for his comment, which they said was not appropriate for a public figure and an elected official.

"It is absolutely incomprehensible that an elected official would use such language to refer to a subordinate," said Anthony Martinez, Executive Director of The Civil Rights Agenda. "I don’t care if it was meant in jest or not. I don’t care if he meant for everyone to see it or not. The fact is, the comment is now public and there should be consequences for statements such as this."

"Not only is this remark extremely hurtful to many Illinoisans, it sends a message to folks that it is okay to use such language," he added. "It sends the message that it is appropriate to mock Jewish people and people who are gay or part of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Community."

Scheiferdecker has been the sheriff of Schuyler County for over 30 years.

He told AOL News he was "extremely sorry" for the comment. "I have spent over 30 years of my life here giving public service, and I have never intentionally done anything to hurt anyone for any reason. ... All I can do is say I am sorry. ... I am extremely sorry [and] I beg people's forgiveness."