Fox News employees Sarah Palin and Greta Van Susteren sat down last night to discuss the NATO-led no fly zone over Libya. In an apparent effort to put her foreign policy knowledge on display, Palin seemed aghast that the U.S. would spend over $600 million per day to protect civilian populations in a foreign land.

The $600 million number is actually massively inflated, according to figures from the Pentagon. As of yesterday, about $268 million in missiles had been thrown at Gaddafi forces and armor. The largest single chunk of the costs came from a downed F-15E fighter jet, which cost about $60 million.

For the first full week, operations totaled near $600 million -- not the first day, as the former Alaska governor claimed. By Palin's fuzzy math, the U.S. would be looking at more than $4.2 billion, which officials say is simply not the case.

Strangely, Palin also seemed to be in support of capturing or killing Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, which, as Think Progress pointed out, would cost yet more money (and would violate international law, as the United Nations has only resolved to impose a no-fly zone).

This video is from Fox News, broadcast March 28, 2011, as snipped by Think Progress.