This cartoon was just awesome.

No in-depth blogging tonight---have a number of freelance projects I'm working on, plus recovering from the Austin trip. But I'm speaking in a couple of places in NYC in the near future for cheap or free, and I highly recommend that you come out to one or both of these events if you can!

This weekend is NYC's WAM! It Yourself. If you're wondering where the fund-raising we did with the WAM! Prom went, well, here is one thing that money is going for---a weekend of panels and education for women in the media to improve their skills, get more work, and get their voices heard. It kicks off with a happy hour Friday night at Ella Lounge in the East Village. Then, for a mere $15, you can go to panels all day on Saturday at Hive 55. I'll be on at 1:15 with Andrea Plaid, Irin Carmon, and Lori Adelman to talk about feminist blogging. Click this link to register and find out more.

On March 30th, I'll be on a panel hosted by the Reproductive Health Access Project with Jasmine Burnett, Shelby Knox, and Aimee Thorne-Thomsen. The title of the panel is "Abortion Apathy? Young Feminist Bloggers Speak Out About Reproductive Justice", and it will be from 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM at the Phillips Ambulatory Care Conference Center. This event is free but filling up fast, so RSVP here, where you can also get more information.

And for your amusement, commenter smart alex sent this link from Consumerist. It's about a Flash application that was set up that allows you to remix ads for girl toys with ads for boy toys. A little fun with subverting gender stereotypes, and in a format that can be used to talk to people who might be hostile to more direct analytical discussion of these issues.