War has a tendency to make hypocrites of us all. Left, right or center, supporting violence against people anywhere always brings one's own philosophical and moral shortcomings to light.

In the video below, from user-generated video site Xtranormal, two co-workers talk about the war in Libya and the NATO-led no-fly zone being imposed over the country. Amid the bombings, which have allegedly targeted dictator Murmmar Gaddafi's troops, armor and command structures, there have been numerous reports of civilian casualties.

Many opposed to the intervention, which critics insist is tantamount to an undeclared "war," also point to the likelihood that NATO forces will ultimately be tempted to move in and set up a transitional regime -- a caveat that even a U.S. admiral recently admitted was true, despite assurances from President Obama that no U.S. soldiers would set foot on Libyan soil.

While the video below does contain some exaggerations (for instance, one character is mocked for criticizing Bush on Iraq, but it has been well substantiated that members of the Bush administration lied repeatedly about their plans for the Iraq war), it may hit home with a great many Democrats today.

Of course, for all the Republicans castigating the president for joining U.S. allies in implementing the no-fly zone, most of them were in favor of the Iraq invasion and subsequent occupation as well. So where does that leave us?

Well, with a video to watch, for starters.

This video is from Xtranormal, published to YouTube on March 22, 2011.