Christopher Busby, a scientist and anti-nuclear activist, made a startling prediction this week: he claimed "about 400,000 people" within 200 kilometers of Japan's Fukushima nuclear reactors will develop cancerous growths due to the radioactive fallout.

Challenged by the host as to the data he's based these claims on, Busby said that he'd been in Berlin compiling research about the Chernobyl disaster and the human toll going out years later. He claims to have based his prediction upon historical data from that last major meltdown.

Japanese officials recently raised the severity level of the Fukushima crisis to 7, the same level of Russia's Chernobyl disaster.

Busby added that should this awful prediction come true, it will be due to the misinformation spread by government and TEPCO officials in the days following the massive quake and tsunami that devastated Japan last month. He called their actions "criminally irresponsible."

This video was broadcast by Russia Today on Thursday, April 14, 2011.