A group of Mexican-American students in Tucson, Arizona prevented their school district from voting on Tuesday night for a controversial measure that would destroy an ethnic studies course that some have called one of the most effective Latin American education program in the U.S. public school system.

The students of UNIDOS stormed into the Tucson School District board room chanting, "Education is under attack! What do we do? FIGHT BACK!" Just as the group was making its presence known, with no warning 10 students rushed the board's seats and chained themselves together as others unfurled a banner that read "UNIDOS Presents The Youth School Board."

They demanded that their program continue, that education be be placed under local control and that Arizona end "anti-indigenous policies" the state has been pushing under the guise of immigration reform.

Despite police presence, the protest was so successful that the school board was forced to cancel the vote and reschedule its meeting for May 5. Tucson Weekly has more.

This video was published to YouTube by user WhatABCs on Thursday, April 27, 2011.