Democratic National Committee Chairman and former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine said Tuesday that he's running to be the next senator from Virginia.

In a newly released online video, Kaine announced that he was seeking the seat currently held by Democratic Sen. Jim Webb, who is retiring after just one term.

"I'm running for the United States Senate because America has big challenges," Kaine said. "I'm convinced that Virginia has answers to help strengthen our nation… Thankfully, we still have a tradition of balance and civility here that is sadly disappearing from Washington."

"We've got to be unified and creative in this tough and completive world to expand jobs and educational opportunities in a fiscally responsible way," he added. "That's what I did as governor and that's what I'll do as your senator."

Kaine is seen as the Democrats' best hope for keeping control of the Virginia seat and helping to maintain a majority in the Senate in 2012.

Politico reported Saturday that former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland was seen as the logical replacement for the DNC chairman. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), who is popular among Democratic and independent women, was also in contention for the position.

"Some of us are just sick of there never being a woman at this table and on TV," one well-connected Democratic woman told Politico.

The 53-year-old Kaine was picked by President Barack Obama as DNC chair in 2008 while he was still serving as governor. The Virginia governor was one of Obama's earliest supporters and was widely credited with helping to deliver the state's 13 electoral votes.

Watch the video below from, uploaded March 29, 2011.