The annual Fox celebration of the War on Christmas has gone so well that Fox News host Sean Hannity has now decided to complement it with a War on Easter.

His evidence for such a war? Lady Gaga's deliberately provocative single "Judas" and some remarks by British comedian Ricky Gervais suggesting that many Christians are only looking for a ticket to Heaven.

"It seems that there is a double standard as it relates to Christianity," Hannity objected. One guest, trial attorney Jennifer Smetters, responded by complaining about the “moral decay of our society," while the other, legal analyst Mercedes Colwin, suggested more mildly, "This is all about dollars. It has nothing to do with Christianity."

As News Hounds points out, however, "Not even Hannity seemed able to explain just how Easter is in danger," and his accusations appeared to amount to a plea for non-believers to lay off Christianity around the time of its major holidays.

"Restraint and respect is what we pride ourselves on as a moral and civil society," Smetters sneered in conclusion, "and they are walking all over it."

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.