A man in China has admitted using a hammer to kill 10 people including his father, wife and son after he was refused a loan to prop up his struggling business, state media said Saturday.

Zhou Yuxin, 33, said he also wanted to kill his father-in-law after he called Zhou "useless" and refused to lend him money for his electrical repair shop inAnshan city, the state Xinhua news agency said, quoting local police.

Zhou, who was caught by police in Liaoning province on Friday, also suspected that his wife was having an affair with a car-wash worker, it added.

The victims' bodies were found on Thursday at a bathhouse and a neighbouring car wash, the report said, after the killings took place late Wednesday and early Thursday.

Among the dead were Zhou's wife, son, father, a female bathhouse worker, three relatives of Zhou's landlord and three car-wash workers, Xinhua said.

Zhou did not tell police why he killed his father and son, it said.

Source: AFP Asian Edition

Creative Commons image via flickr user thefixer.