The Civil War has been over for almost 150 years, but many southerners are still upset over the outcome.

A recent survey (PDF) by the Democratic-affiliated Public Policy Polling survey found that less than half of the voters in North Carolina and Mississippi were glad that the North had won the war.

In North Carolina, 48 percent were happy the North won, while 21 percent wished the South had prevailed.

At 27 percent, even more of those polled in Mississippi were unhappy about the war's outcome. Only 34 percent there approved of the North's win.

Only in Georgia did more than half say they were pleased that the Union had won the war.

A majority of Democrats and independents were also supportive of the Union in Georgia in North Carolina.

In all three states, less than half of Republicans backed the North's victory. Only 21 percent of Republicans in Mississippi supported the Union win.

Another PPP poll, published earlier this month, found that 46 percent of Republicans in Mississippi said they believe interracial marriage should be illegal.