WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama will launch his 2012 reelection campaign next week via an electronic message to his staunchest supporters, according to US media.

Politico reported the campaign would "most likely" make its first step toward the launch -- filing registration papers with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) -- Monday, though it could be delayed if any major event threatens to overshadow the news.

The campaign must be formally organized before April 14, when Obama is due to raise reelection funds in Chicago. Fundraising is measured by quarter but the second quarter began April 1, an inauspicious date for the launch since it was April Fools' Day.

The Chicago-Sun Times also reported that Obama would register with the FEC "as early as Monday."

White House officials did not immediately return calls for comment.

Obama plans to transmit his announcement directly to supporters through email, text messages and social media, rather than making a personal appearance or speaking through the media establishment, according to Politico, an online daily news website.

The campaign, which will be based in Obama's hometown of Chicago just blocks from the headquarters of his historic 2008 race, expects to raise $750 million to $1 billion, according to Politico.

Back in Chicago after a stint as senior White House adviser during Obama's first two years in office, David Axelrod has been tapped to head campaign strategy once again.

Campaign manager Jim Messina, a former West Wing staffer, has been meeting with donors around the country.

Obama is also due to hold fundraisers in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York this month, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.