Thanks to you guys, we not only met the fund-raising goal for abortion access, but exceeded it: $2,815! You've just helped a lot of women get their lives back.  You also got me into a spot where I have a long list of promises to keep!  I knocked out two on Sunday at the Bowl-A-Thon.  As promised, I bowled in the dress I wore to the WAM! Prom. I wore my jeans under it, just because once you're bowling in a prom dress, you can't do anything else to look more ridiculous.

You donors caused a lot of feminist bowlers to have a merry laugh at me. So thanks all around.  I also promised to post my score, so you can laugh at me.  On this, I feel a little strange.  Just as last year, that promise was predicated on the fact that I choke under pressure at competitive sports, but for some reason, I bowled a better game than I usually do.  Maybe it was the dress.  But I bowled a 125.

If you missed this particular fundraiser, but still want to donate, there are still others going on!  May I suggest Michelle Bruns, who tweets as Clinic Escort?  Her page is here, and she's raising money for a fund that serves women living in poverty in Pennsylvania.  I want people to donate to her for two reasons: 1) She was gracious enough to be interviewed for Reality Cast, and we had a great discussion about her Tumblr blog The Inevitable Pregobelly and about how media coverage distorts the realities of abortion.  2) If she raises $3,000, she's getting a pro-choice tattoo.  That's the best promise I've seen yet in abortion fundraising, and so we should really help her get to her goals.  I recommend the word "BARREN" across her stomach in Old English lettering, a la Tupac's "THUG LIFE" tattoo.  (Kidding.) She's about $1,200 away, so a number of people donating a small amount can get her there.

Thanks again!  I'll try to get the last promise filled tomorrow, which is to answer the next question I get on Formspring in video form, as long as it's not some right wing harassment.  I'll have to see if I still have a YouTube channel for this.