Super stoked to get the new Vivian Girls record in the mail this week, so I'm building the Genius Ten off their new single. The video has a lot of snow, but the album is the perfect way to kick off the spring. Leave yours in comments, or comments about whatever you like. Open thread.

Original song: "I Heard You Say" by the Vivian Girls

1) "Black Rice" by Women

2) "So Bored" by Wavves

3) "Always Wanting More" by Jay Reatard

4) "From Stardust to Sentience" by High Places

5) "Shattered Shine" by the Crystal Stilts

6) "Wishing Well" by Love Is All

7) "Drop Out" by Times New Viking

8) "Welfare Bread" by King Khan & His Shrines

9) "Hellhole Ratrace" by Girls

10) "Son of a Gun" by The Vaselines