I'll have a more substantive blog post later today---I promise!---but for now, I wanted to share a couple of videos.  The first is a Bloggingheads I did with Daniel Foster of the National Review. We talked about Planned Parenthood, and the Slut Walk, but mostly we talked a lot about pick-up artists. 

If you want to just watch the portion that the New York Times excerpted, go to this link. As you can imagine, the NY Times was mainly interested in the pick-up artist stuff.  The idea that there's a go-around the perennial problem of having to actually be attractive to attract people fascinates people, even though it's an empty promise at its core.

The other thing that is rocking my world today is Devo's new video.  As I noted during SXSW, I was lucky in that I bought some art off the guy who directed the video and he was gracious enough to show me the work in progress.  It's now out!  It's called "What We Do", and in classic Devo fashion, it's not just about music but about their theories of de-evolution. The entire concept of the album was to find innovative ways to make pop music even more commercial than it is, and I think they've done some interesting stuff in that vein.  They had people vote on what songs to put on the record before it came out, had some fun rebranding themselves with blue instead of red, calling themselves "Devo Inc." and put a sexy woman on the album cover.  And now, with this video, they're going a step further.  You can click on various pop-up links at the bottom of the video and buy stuff you actually see in the video.

Sure, Radiohead innovated the "pay what you want" model and Kickstarter is trying to find ways to finance music, but I think Devo's working on another plane.