Republican Sen. Rand Paul (R), the son of Texas Rep. Ron Paul, said Sunday that conservatives in Congress need to compromise with Democrats on the federal budget.

"The compromise is not to raise taxes, the compromise is for conservatives to admit that the military budget's going to have to be cut," Paul said on CNN's State of the Union. "We've doubled military spending. I believe in a strong national defense, but conservatives will have to compromise and we will have to cut military spending."

"Liberals will have to compromise and we will have to cut domestic welfare. The compromise is where we cut, not where we raise taxes."

A Republican budget plan, introduced to the House by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI), cuts trillions in spending while lowering tax rates for corporations and high income earners. It privatizes Medicare over ten years and provides vouchers for Americans currently under 55 to buy private insurance when they retire. It also turns Medicaid into a program of block-grants for states while dramatically reducing its payouts.

Democrats have been vocal critics of the plan, with President Obama saying the proposed budget presented a "deeply pessimistic" vision for America.

"I think we haven't yet determined what our strategy will be, but I can tell you that the people of Kentucky elected me to shake things up," Sen. Paul said. "They didn't elect me to raise the debt ceiling. They didn't elect me to pass budgets that add -- you know, the president's budget will add $7 trillion to the debt if you believe his numbers."

"The problem is, if you give them more money in Washington, they're not to be trusted," he added. "Our government is out of control. They don't need more money, we need to give them less money."