Barack Obama is a horrible president and it's all the fault of George W. Bush, according Donald Trump.

On Friday, the billionaire called what CNN described as a "hastily arranged news conference moments before a posh, poolside party... and hours before he was to speak at a Tea Party rally."

"George Bush gave us Barack Obama," he explained. "If it weren't for George Bush, we wouldn't have Barack Obama. So I'm not thrilled with George Bush."

"Because he [Bush] didn't have a great presidency, especially at the end. And because of his actions, and because of his aura, it was very tough for a Republican to win," Trump continued.

"And in all fairness to John McCain and to Sarah Palin, I think it would have been very, very tough for anybody – for Abraham Lincoln – to win after having followed George Bush."

"I think George Bush tried very hard, and I think for a period of time he was getting it right. But it didn't work out right and it would have been very hard for anybody to beat whoever the Democrat was," he said. "The fact is that Barack Obama has not done a good job to put it mildly and I think, personally, that it's going to be tougher to win the Republican primary than it is to beat Barack Obama."

"We have a disaster on our hands," the star of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice later said at the tea party event. "We have a man right now that almost certainly will go down as the worst president of the United States."

He went on to tell the crowd his thoughts on the disaster in Japan.

"For 30 years, they've been ripping us off and taking advantage of us. But I still think we should help. See, don't I have a great heart?"

Watch this video from, broadcast April 16, 2011.