It took nearly eight weeks but a reporter who publicly threatened to violently rape an activist he disagreed with has finally been fired from Argentinean magazine El Guardián.

In a March 3 article, Juan Terranova took exception with activist Inti Maria Tidball-Binz, and her work with Hollaback International to end street harassment using mobile technology.

Objecting to Hollaback's mission, Terranova opined that there was a "beautiful richness to obscene language."

He ended his column by writing, "I finish here with a wish for 2011: to meet Inti Maria Tidball-Binz at a vernissage, share a drink, and later tell her that I would love to break her argument with my cock."

But in the version of the story posted on his blog, the word "argument" was replaced with the word "asshole."

"Terranova made an explicit rape threat and used offensive language that could have consequences in a real life situation," Tidball-Binz told Página/12.

After a petition was launched at, Fiat and Lacoste pulled their advertising from the magazine.

Two months after the incident, El Guardián finally relented and fired Terranova.

"What started off as something terrible turned into something beautiful, not just personally but also as a first step in changing the high levels of discrimination in the media in Argentina," Tidball-Binz told

"We have set precedents. We have spoken out for all those who are currently discriminated against and threatened in the media...I've felt enormously empowered by all of this support."

The Hollaback activist has also filed a complaint the National Institute Against Discrimination (INADI).