When police in suburban Philadelphia pulled an ice cream truck over on the highway, suspecting the driver was drunk, they couldn't have imagined it would result in such a bizarre crime report.

Officers claimed the driver, Yassir Hassman, was clearly drunk. But what they found next surprised them.

According to the New York Daily News, police found "several" boxes of wine in the truck and three full water bottles of urine — one of which was in his ice cream freezer.

Hassan, 46, was spotted by police in his Jack & Jill ice cream truck, weaving back and forth across lanes in southbound traffic. "The truck smelled like a giant carton of rum raisin," the Daily News noted.

Local ABC News affiliate WPVI obtained a copy of an inspection of the truck performed post-arrest, which noted that there was no place for Hassan to wash his hands in the truck.

WPVI also spoke to John McCullum at Ace Towing, where Hassan's ice cream truck is impounded, who said he'd never seen anything like this before.

"Nothing even close to this, running around serving ice cream to kids and he's drunk, that's pretty disgusting," McCollum said.

Hassan will have a June 1 hearing facing misdemeanor drunk driving charges, The Washington Post added.

Creative Commons image via flickr user weelakeo.