The people that operated Blackwater and the military's pre-9/11 data mining operation Able Danger have a new project: corporate spying services for Fortune 500 companies.

Their new company is called Jellyfish Intelligence.

"Our organization is not going to be controversial," Jellyfish CEO and former Blackwater senior executive Keith Mahoney insisted.

The Jellyfish mission is "to protect human lives and their business interests throughout the world," the firm's website claims.

"Operation Jellyfish is an innovative, private sector initiative designed by a team of former military and intelligence operatives, chief executives and corporate strategists offering private intelligence services to CEOs and senior executives of multinational corporations," the group claimed.

A marketing document promises Jellyfish has "figures inside key circles... including within the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, clerical circles in Iran, and tribal leaderships on the Pakistani side of the [Afghanistan-Pakistan] border region."

"The Able Danger days, that’s like 1,000 years ago," Chief Technology Officer J.D. Smith said.

Able Danger was a Pentagon spying program that allegedly identified the lead 9/11 hijacker more than a year before the attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C.

"Working with a technology firm called 4th Dimension Data, Jellyfish builds clients a dashboard to search and aggregate data from across its proprietary intel database, the public internet and specifically targeted information sources," Wired's Spencer Ackerman reported.

While Jellyfish will provide training for "physical security," Mohoney was quick to point out that "Jellyfish Intelligence has no interest in guns and gates and guards."