INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) - Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, who is considering whether to run for president, received 16 stitches to his forehead on Friday after he was accidentally hit by a door at a gym, officials said.

The accident occurred at the National Institute for Fitness and Sport in Indianapolis, according to a statement from the governor's office.

As Daniels finished a workout at about 1:30 p.m. local time, he was standing near a door. The door suddenly swung open and struck him in the head, the statement said.

Daniels' spokeswoman, Jane Jankowski, said Daniels "uttered a creative expletive" when the accident happened.

The governor's security detail transported him to Methodist Hospital, where he was treated and released. He is recovering at home.

Daniels has said he will decide in a few weeks whether to run for the Republican presidential nomination.

When he found out how many stitches he was getting, Daniels, who is known to joke about his cheapness, asked if he was being charged by the stitch, Jankowski said.

Daniels has no plans to change his schedule for next week, which includes a visit to Washington, D.C. for a summit on the debt crisis.

(Reporting by Susan Guyett; Writing by Mary Wisniewski; Editing by Greg McCune and Jerry Norton)

Source: Reuters US Online Report Domestic News