Former MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann, who rose to fame while excoriating Bush-era terrorism policies, said that Osama bin Laden's death "collapses" the Republican narrative about Obama's foreign policy weakness.

"Barack Obama got Osama bin Laden," Olbermann said in a "Special Comment" video posted to his website, FOK News, "and every other political calculation, every strategy that suggests Democratic weakness, or liberal uncertainty, or an Obama half-hearted in his defense of this nation, is of an instant, gone."

"These arguments are, today, as dead as bin Laden."

Olbermann recounted much of what he routinely slammed the Bush administration for after 9/11. "Torture was necessary, laws were not," he summed up. But "the ordinary rules prevailed, and triumphed."

Watch the video, via FOK News.