Argument, by Beyonce:


Counterargument, by Jarvis Cocker:

To be clear, while the term "cunts" is sexist as hell, it functionally means "asshole" in this context, and this post doesn't make sense unless you take the word in the spirit in which it was intended.  

I think Beyonce is a great pop songwriter.  Still, the lyrics to this song are classic faux empowerment, as she's literally suggesting women run the world by being very persuasive with our vaginas.  Not only is this an insulting ploy that's been used for eons to explain to women why they don't deserve real power, but it's also just false.  Evidence:

In 2007, officials at the fund declined to investigate a complaint by an administrative assistant who had slept with her supervisor, and who charged that he had given her poor performance reviews to pressure her to continue the relationship. Officials told the woman that the supervisor planned to retire soon, and therefore there was no point in investigating the charges, according to findings by the I.M.F.’s internal court.

Honestly, in a world where rape is so incredibly common, the argument that women run the world behind the scenes with their sexual power is not only insulting and false, but kind of traumatizing. 

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