An incredibly obnoxious woman did something incredibly obnoxious on an Amtrak train: she talked on her cell phone, apparently, for sixteen straight hours.  Now, besides having the best cell phone battery on the face of the planet, there's not a lot remarkable about this story - she did something legendarily assholish, was kicked off the train, life went on for all involved.  I'm sure by this point, everyone on the car is regaling their friends with increasingly ridiculous stories about things they overheard from the conversation, while getting on with important things like trying to figure out all the words to "Jack Sparrow".  

(FYI: It's "Cubano flame" and "got a basehead wife".)

One small problem, though: the woman on the train was overweight and black.  So, of course, it's an excuse to go ass out racist in comment sections.  My favorite comment (from Gateway Pundit):

See, when you point out the obvious fact that violence, misogyny, rudeness and entitlement are rampant in the black ‘culture’ you’re a racist and need to just shut up. I guess that charge keeps them from having to take a good look at themselves in the mirror. Too bad because black peoples lives will never improve until they do. When will they learn that playing the race card endlessly is only hurting them?

Some days, I think the best part about the Klan is that they were honest about being racists.