Reader SapphireCate answered the call for some vegan or vegetarian recipes to share, and said she'd made this radish curry and highly recommends it.  Curries are fun and easy, but i hadn't occurred to me to make them with radishes.  Intriguing! 

And here's some stuff I made this week:

Stir fry with tofu

I took a mix of on-sale veggies and some farmer’s market veggies (mainly young onions, scallions, and bok choy) and stir fried them with tofu.  I like to press the tofu for a couple of hours and then pan toast it before adding the veggies, just to get it really dry and chewy.  Then I put in most of the veggies with some soy sauce, ginger, vinegar, lemon juice, and a touch of wasabi.  At the last minute, I tossed in some green beans and basil from the herb garden.  Served over brown rice.


Stir fry

Roasted zucchini and farro

Sauce fixingsI really like the way the farmer’s market zucchini tastes roasted, so I sliced it up and roasted it with pepper and garlic salt.  I cooked some farro, since I had it on hand, but I felt like I needed something more to put with all of it.  So using this as inspiration, I took some balsamic vinegar, garlic, parsley and chives from the garden, salt, and pepper, poured it all over a chopped tomato and a bit of tomato paste, and then used the immersion blender to make a quick sauces I poured over the farro and roasted zucchini.  Mixed in some feta cheese and then topped it off with Parmesan. 

Vegetarian, but easy to make vegan by not adding the cheese.

Roasted zucchini and farro

Veggie burgers, asparagus soup, and blackberries with cottage cheese

Many people have asked for my veggie burger recipe.  It’s basically Mark Bittman’s, but I made some for dinner, so here you go.  Two cups of cooked beans (I used pinto this time), an egg, half a cup of oats, an onion, a little cornstarch, salt, pepper, spices of your choosing (I like smoked paprika).  All in the food processor, and then I use a 4-inch cookie cutter to shape them.  Fifteen minutes on each side in the oven at 350.Veggie burgers

Chopped up some green onions and asparagus, cooked it a little in a pan with salt and pepper, covered it with veggie broth, added garlic, thyme, lemon juice, and sage.  Immersion blender when it was done!  And then some yogurt.

I made some yogurt sauce with green salsa, chili powder, and garlic in yogurt.  Used that to dress the burgers (added some bean and beet spread I still had in the fridge for good measure), and served them on sandwich bread made with beer instead of milk, which makes it rise like crazy.  Also, tomatoes.  I meant to put sprouts on there, but I totally forgot to buy them.  Doh.

On the side, I put little scoops of cottage cheese and blackberries.  No need to fancy that up.


Veggie burger, blackberries with cottage cheese