No real post for tonight; busy day!.  But I did want to share what are some of the best sentences ever to happen in a single letter to an advice columnist:

I have an incredibly poor history with women. I am almost 22 and have not had intercourse (there was some oral about 4 years ago).

And then, a little later:

The girls I get involved with either end up friend zoning me, I find them completely disinteresting, or something incredibly weird and awkward happens (the last girl undressed herself for me after knowing me for five days. I didn't sleep with her because I was turned off by this sluttish behavior).

I'm sure y'all be shocked to discover this guy wrote in to Savage Love because he's grown obsessed with a woman whose main selling point seems to be that she has a boyfriend that makes our hero feel irritated and competitive. 

Thanks to Maaya on Twitter for the link.