Hope you guys had a great holiday weekend!  For those who checked out of following the internets for a few days, lucky you!  You missed the Democratic Penis That Wasn't.  There was a minor frenzy of excitement when Andrew Breitbart started galumping about how Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York was supposedly having an affair with an arbitrarily chosen college student in Seattle, and the evidence for this was a screenshot of a picture that Weiner supposedly tweeted to the woman, though the main evidence for all this was a retweet from a man that has been both harassing Weiner and this girl for weeks. The girl's main crime, in her harasser's eyes, is that she's 21 and cute and not fucking him.  You know, the usual.  She seems to be incredibly traumatized by all this (and understandably pissed that someone took her calling Weiner her "boyfriend" on Twitter literally, which I grasp, since I've called various hunky celebrities my "boyfriend" on Twitter myself, and I'm 33 so age is no excuse for not getting the joke).  Weiner initially blew it off, but now he's talking to lawyers.  I hope any lawsuit keeps in mind how the young woman that was chosen for her sin of being a young woman was a victim as well. 

Our response from Pandagon was to open a Yelp page for the Rep. Weiner Peen Pic Emporium.  Feel free to leave your reviews!

Alas, the saddest part of all this is that the mainstream media hasn't yet learned that the only proper response to Andrew Breitbart, when he goes off like this, is to dismiss him as you would if you heard a random person on the street reeking of booze and ranting about how the space aliens are out to get him. That Breitbart can operate a computer doesn't give his rants any more credibility.  Many media outlets ran with the story that there were "questions", and as more details came out and it became clear that what is really going on is that a random dude on Twitter is sexually harassing Weiner and one of his Twitter followers, there was a bit of bitterness.  

The New York Times really takes the cake this morning by demonstrating that anyone, even a man, who is victimized by sexual harassment is eligible for victim-blaming.  Their argument is that Weiner brought the sexual harassment onto himself (and this poor young woman, apparently) by wearing his opinion skirt too short. Also, by being a social networking slut. 

Mr. Weiner always knew that his sharp tongue, combined with his frequent use of Twitter, had a potential risk. But over the weekend, Twitter trouble found Mr. Weiner in an unexpected way.

I wish I could say this is the first time that I've heard that victims of sexual harassment deserve to be abused because they dare to have a presence online and they aren't ladylike or mincing. Granted, I never thought that the person accused of slatternly use of social networking bringing sexual harassment onto zirself would be a dudely congressman from New York, but okay.  It just shows that "she had it coming" is incredible versatile. 

In a way, it makes sense.  Much of the mainstream media, and especially much of the New York Times, views Democrats as symbolically female.  Therefore Weiner can be dinged, in their minds, for unladylike behavior.  But still, it's kind of strange. 

And of course, the closing paragraph is about how, even though the victim has been punished by a cranky old asshole who uses sex as a weapon against people he doesn't like, the victim isn't going to learn his lesson, roll down his skirts, cross his legs, and shut the fuck up.

Despite the unwelcome attention over the weekend, Mr. Weiner has continued sending his unabashed Twitter messages. Late Saturday, alluding to the problem picture and to Sherlock Holmes’s nemesis, he posted, “Touche Prof Moriarity. More Weiner Jokes for all my guests!

Unabashed! Unashamed!  Weiner is such a slut. Doesn't he know that Democrats who don't keep their opinions to themselves deserve to be buried under penis pictures?

I suppose we should be grateful, at least, that the author of this piece, Ashley Parker, didn't blame the other victim in this, the young woman who received the penis picture.  But don't worry; there are plenty of right wing bloggers carefully examining the random college girl's skirt length and breast size to make sure that you understand that it's her fault for asking for it, not theirs for dishing it out.