I shit you not, Power Line is giving away $125,000 in cash prizes for, um, this:

Power Line, in conjunction with the Freedom Club, is offering a grand prize of $100,000.00 to whoever can most effectively and creatively dramatize the seriousness of the federal debt crisis. Any medium of communication is eligible: video, song, screenplay, television commercial, painting, Power Point, essay, performance art, or anything else. The runner-up will receive a $15,000.00 prize, and two third-place finishers will receive $5,000.00 each. Entries must be submitted by midnight on July 15, 2011. 

Apparently, the $174,000 a year we pay Paul Ryan wasn't enough.

Here's my idea: We begin with a closeup of a man sitting in a chair, eagerly awaiting something.  A panel opens in the ceiling above his head.  Initially, a few dollar bills float down into the room, and he walks over and grabs them.  More and more bills float into the room, and he grabs them greedily.  The trickle turns into a stream, and then a flood of money.  Eventually, the man is buried under the bills, and we zoom into a closeup of one of the bills...which reads "FROM CHINA, WITH LOVE".  Then Hu Jintao drops from the ceiling clad in traditional Chinese ninja garb or whatever and starts swimming through the money like Uncle Scrooge.  

The dude on the chair is black, too.