In an interview with GBTV head correspondent Raj Nair on the streets of New York Friday, Glenn Beck explained that he despises Republicans as much as Democrats.

"Ask the average person, am I Republican?" asked Beck. "I hate them... I don't know how to say -- I hate them."

Beck may have also surprised conservatives by railing against the practice known as extraordinary rendition.

"Ghost planes -- we're picking people up in the middle of the night. We're saying talk to us or we're going to drop you off over in Egypt. That's insane. That's what causing all of these problems is we are sitting here looking at -- picking people up and expecting them, when we march in, to say 'oh, the Americans are here. The Americans just put him on a ghost plane and now he's in the prison with Mubarak's people torturing him.' They don't understand that. We don't stand for anything."

Watch this video from GBTV, broadcast June 24, 2011.

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