The Catholic Church provided surprisingly little opposition before marriage equality was passed in New York last week. But now that it's law, Catholic League president Bill Donohue is expressing his outrage.

"If two guys can get married then why shouldn't three?" Donohue asked on the PIX 11 Morning News Monday. "If the principle of marriage is that is the best institution to raise a family, and if homosexuals have been disqualified by nature because they cannot have children, what are we talking about here? It doesn't make any sense."

"Look, there are people who are sterile," he continued. "It's not a problem because, you see, they have the right gender roles... We just had father's day. What do you say to these kids when you have two mothers?"

"What are we saying here?" the PIX 11 host asked. "We're saying marriage and children and procreation is for keeping the human species going? That's the only reason why? I don't see there's going to be a problem keeping the human special alive."

"In order to keep the human special alive, it has to be between a man and a woman, right?" Donohue explained. "I mean, let's face it. If you want electricity, if you want juice, you can't have two sockets touch each other or two prongs. The prong has to penetrate the socket."

Watch this video from PIX 11's Morning News, broadcast June 29, 2011.

[H/T: Think Progress]